Life is about connection.

 Our connection to ourselves, our families, our communities, our society, and our planet, shapes everything that our lives become. I believe our individual and collective pain comes from feeling a lack of connection with others and the land around us. Likewise, our most meaningful moments come when we feel most aligned and in tune with the people and places around us. Stories are a powerful way to connect with others. Through stories, we empathize and relate, or we learn and feel our perspectives widening, or both. Listening and telling stories allows us to connect to others over vast expanses of difference.


Ancestry Murals

Radici (rah-dee-chee) means "roots" in Italian. To know who we are now, we must look back and better understand our roots: our stories, who we are, where we come from. My belief in this process was the impetus for creating an Ancestry Mural for my own family and now for others as well. 


Activist Art

Art has the ability to convey powerful messages. As an artist in a very polarized political time, I have felt called to use visual imagery to support and advocate for human rights.


Mixed media

The media is a powerful tool. I am fascinated by how we tell stories of who we are individually and collectively through our news. I'm interested in what gets told, and what does not get told.