at Radici Studios in San Francisco

Come explore with a child in your life (daughter, son, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, etc.) in these unique classes designed for you to work creatively together. Spending time with kids helps them build confidence and feel more connected, while lessening challenging behavior. These workshops are designed to illicit sharing, connection and creativity. All workshops are for children ages 5-9 and a caregiver, with all materials provided. No art experience necessary, just a desire to connect, spend focused time together, and have fun!


Map of Meaning

During this workshop we will create maps of events and experiences that are part of your shared story. Using photos, collage, drawing, painting and mixed media we will explore places that have had an important impact in your lives, and create a unique map that helps you share these stories with one another and with others. 

Radici Studios- 172 Anderson Street in Bernal Heights

Sunday, September 22nd  2pm-4pm $25 per pair

BOdy echo saba.jpg

BOdy echo

In this workshop children and caregivers will create life-sized paintings of themselves. Having conversations about the amazing things our bodies can do can can infuse love, appreciation and confidence in a topic that can feel complicated. Come celebrate our unique and colorful bodies!

Radici Studios- 172 Anderson Street in Bernal Heights

Sunday, September 29th  2pm-4pm $25 per pair


This is how it was

In this workshop, go back in time to when you were the child’s age and share with them a story that involves an important place (your room growing up, your school, your backyard, a place you visited, etc). Based on these conversations, the child will recreate the place through their own eyes in a shoe-box diorama. As we create, we’ll talk about what makes places feel special, safe, welcoming, and important to each of us.

Radici Studios- 172 Anderson Street, Bernal Heights

Sunday, October 6th 2pm-4pm $25 per pair

Sign up for all three workshops and save $20!

***Scholarships available- please email for more information***